Isabel is a white female with shoulder length brunette hair and is wearing a pink hoodie.

Hi! I am so happy to be able to work with HEP as an intern in the Prevention and Outreach Program. I am currently working to finish my BASW degree at the University of Washington, and I am so lucky to have HEP as my practicum site until I graduate. As I finish my degree, HEP is a great place for me to learn about the intersection of social welfare and public health. In the future, I hope to work within a similar field that helps to improve community health, and HEP has already taught me so much about harm reduction and low-barrier services. I have a background in child development, so HEP will allow me to work with a population that I do not have as much experience with. I grew up in Washington, and I hope to learn as much from the community as I can give back in return. I am focused on meeting people where they are at in the present moment and bringing compassion into all situations. When I have the time, I love to bake and sew, and I am super excited to be able to call myself a UW graduate soon!