Substance Use Disorder Treatment Approaches

The reasons why people use drugs are multi-faceted, complex, and unique to the individual, and substance use exists on a continuum. As a result, it is critical that substance use disorder interventions and treatment incorporate a spectrum of strategies to meet the specific needs and goals of the individual. Individuals should have access to treatment that adheres to the National Principles of Care. Substance use disorder treatment models include: behavioral health support such as individual counseling and support groups, inpatient care like detox and residential treatment, and medications. The most effective approaches include coordinated care, sustainable care for co-occuring health needs, and social supports.

To learn more about HEP’s low-barrier medication for opioid use disorder treatment clinic, check out the Seattle STEP Clinic here.

HEP’s programming, including our syringe service program and the Seattle STEP Clinic, is tailored to meet people where they are at by responding to client-driven goals around substance use, including safer use, reduced use, or discontinuing use.

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