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Hepatitis Education Project

Hepatitis A/B Vaccination

Vaccine-preventable hepatitis A & hepatitis B continue to infect thousands of Americans every year. These two viruses attack the liver and can cause flu-like illness, vomiting, abdominal pain, yellow skin and eyes, appetite loss, exhaustion and dark urine. Chronic hepatitis B increases your risk of serious liver disease, including cancer, and the acute forms of both viruses are particularly dangerous for people who are already living with hepatitis C and HIV.

According to the Centers for Disease Control people who should be vaccinated for hepatitis A and hepatitis B include anyone who is sexually active, Hepatitis C positive, HIV positive, or has a history of injection drug use.

In response to these recommendations, the Hepatitis Education Project is partnering with Public Health - Seattle & King County and local organizations to provide FREE combination hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccine to at-risk adults, including:

  • Persons living with chronic hepatitis C (HCV).
  • Persons who have a history of drug use, either injection or non-injection.
  • Persons who have a history of high risk sexual practices or have been diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease.
  • Persons who have sexual contact with someone infected with viral hepatitis.
  • Men who have sex with men.

People must recieve 3 does of the Hepatitis A/B vaccine to be fully protected--at month 0, 1 and 6.  We can start you on the series, or complete it series for you if you have previously recieved 1 or 2 doses elsewhere.  This service is made possible thanks to the support provided by the team of volunteer nurses who are serving with HEP to administer the vaccine. 

Free walk-in Clinic Tuesdays 10AM-2PM. 



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